Why Is This Important?

1. Nearly 40% of New York’s public-school children in grades K-8 are obese. The rate of obesity among Black students is about 65 percent greater than among White students. Among Latino students, the rate is 97 percent greater than among White students.

2. A food desert is an urban area in which it’s difficult to buy affordable and fresh quality food. We are addressing healthy lifestyles which includes physical exercise as well healthy diets.

3. We must continue to bring awareness to the values of a healthy lifestyle. To combat ailments like obesity, diabetes, etc.

4. Sports build character, increase confidence, motivate youth to stay in school and as a result increases a higher education rate.

5. Studies show that student athletes are less likely than non-athletes to be depressed.

6. Student athletes who play team sports are less likely to smoke cigarettes or use other illicit drugs which is a  direct correlation to their physical health.

7. Studies show that physically active children get up to 40% higher test scores.

8. Student athletes are more likely to get higher grades and aspire to attend college.

9. Youth should understand that living a healthy lifestyle is beneficial and fun.